Get Strong & Fit, Tighten Up, Boost Energy, Improve Strength, Increase Confidence & productivity and Have FUN Doing It?
2020 Challenge dates (Monday 3 Feb to Sunday 15 March)
Unlimited Hot Yoga over 50 Sessions a Week,  A Personalised Fitness Program, Meal Plan, Nutrition & Diet Planning, Private Guidance & Accountability Coach, 3 Private Coaching Sessions, Grocery List, Local Restaurant Guide, Mouth Watering Recipes, Progress Tracking, Private Motivational Group, Leaderboard AND the chance to win $2000!
valued at over $2000 - now Just $497!

Does This Sound Like You?
  • ​You want an effective fitness plan that fits with your busy schedule
  • ​You want to have a ton more energy throughout the day
  • ​You want to increase your strength, cardio and flexibility 
  • ​You want to increase your self confidence and productivity
  • You want to train with like-minded people in a non-intimidating environment
  • ​You don't want to spend hours working out
  • ​You want to be held accountable for results
  • ​You can work out at our Flinders Lane CBD location
  • ​ You want to train risk free of injury 
Claim Your six week Risk-Free Jumpstart For Only $497 
Valued at over $2k (that's a 75% discount)
What You Get For $497:
  • ​6 Weeks of unlimited Yoga (Hot, Power, Yin, Mindfulness) Valued at $390
  • ​Access to our state of the art facilities & express classes (showers, towels, full amenities)
  • ​6 weeks of a MOVE PRIVATE membership 1:1 private coaching sessions valued at $825 
  • ​Full time access to our professional trainers
  • ​Your own personal peak performance coach to provide motivation and support 1:1 client to coach ratio
  • ​Personal leaderboard progress tracking for Motivation & Accountability
  • ​A 6 week diet plan to achieve your health goals our proven nutritional system valued at $800
  • ​Access to Private social group & weekly motivational info
  • 2020 ​Challenge dates Monday 20 January and Sunday 1 March
CLAIM YOUR 6 Week RISK-FREE Body Evolution Secrets Challenge FOR ONLY $497
What are the minimum requirements to win
To be eligible to WIN any prizes in the Challenge all you need to commit is:-
- Minimum 5 attendance yoga sessions per week @ MOVE Yoga 
  between Monday 20 January and Sunday 1 March
- Minimum 3 attendance 1:1 Peak Performance Coaching Sessions 
  during the 6 weeks (times will be scheduled with your coach)
- Each entry will be individually assessed, based upon overall body
   transformation, which will take into account class attendance, 
   mindfulness attendance, and data from stress test, weigh in's, BMI, 
   mobility, posture, strength test, alignment, breath rate, heart rate,  
   calorie intake, mindset questions. 

I have more questions
Sorry we can't answer all of your questions here. Please head to our website and you will see a list of FAQ's as well as full Challenge Terms. 
* The Body Evolution Secrets Challenge and associated contest referred to as the “Challenge” is a game of commitment, dedication and mindset. Each entry will be individually assessed, based upon overly body transformation, which will take into account class attendance, mindfulness attendance, data from stress test, weigh in's, BMI, mobility, posture, strength test, alignment, breath rate, heart rate, calorie intake, mindset. Full Terms available at www.moveyoga.com.au.
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